Programming Update At Invictus Boston

The new cycle officially starting Monday, January 6th will focus on overall injury prevention and rehab while hitting a push, pull, and hinge movement three times a week. The other days of the week will focus on skills and movement proficiency. We will follow similar rep schemes as last year with eccentric and isometric tempos included with the strength progressing towards one repetition maximums. 

Each day will also have an accessory piece to compliment that day’s work and is encouraged to be completed within class if time allows. The accessory will be a combination of strengthening and mobility exercises. Each class will also have a designated warm-up focused on lower and upper body activation to help minimize injury and improve exercise capability.

The conditioning pieces will be a combination of short high-intensity workouts on days with strength and moderate to longer duration workouts with added barbell work on the skill days. This will fluctuate throughout the first cycle and is aimed at giving everyone a solid base of high-intensity conditioning and endurance.

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